Thursday, April 30, 2015

Wedding Dress Rental

Brides are always looking for ways to save and now a days there are plenty of ways they can do so. we all now weddings can be expensive, the average cost is now about $28,000, I don't know about you but for me that.s a lot of money. Wedding vendors realize that many brides do not have the money to fund an expensive wedding, and some are just very frugal and will look to save on everything they purchase. This is why those same vendors are doing things that had not been done in the past. If you've shopped for a wedding cake you know that a three tier cake can cost you over $500, could be in the thousands if it's very detailed. Some brides do not know they can actually rent a wedding cake.  Brides are now able to rent many of the things they will need for their wedding instead of buying them. How can you rent a wedding cake you ask? It's simple, the cakes available for rent are just a mockup of a beautiful wedding cake. You can either rent a full "fake" cake or one that has a real cake on the bottom layer and mock ups on the top layers. Either way you can have a beautiful wedding cake for a fraction of the cost. The baker can customize the mockup to look however you want. Renting a cake can save you hundreds of dollars.

 Another big ticket item that many brides are unaware they can rent is their wedding dress. You heard right, you can actually rent a beautiful wedding gown for your wedding instead of paying thousands for a dress you'll wear once. Now, there aren't too many places that will rent a wedding gown but if you are able to find a place, you might be surprised with the selection of wedding dresses available to you. Most brides pay over $1500 for a wedding dress, that dress usually sits in a closet after the wedding to collect dust. There are Bridal Stores that have wedding dresses for rent starting at $150 and can go up to $700 depending on the gown. That is a huge saving! if you are considering renting your wedding dress find a bridal shop near you that rents wedding dresses and go for a visit. Once you find the perfect dress to rent have the bridal store throw in the veil. Some times these stores will also rent additional accessories. There is nothing wrong with being a little frugal and saving as much as you can. This way you can focus on the things that come after the wedding, like the honeymoon, the home and the babies. :)

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Wedding Gown Giveaway!!!!

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Brides: 5 Tips to Pick the Best Bridesmaid Dress

With all the prices, colors, shapes, and styles of bridesmaid dresses nowadays you must be ready to go out shopping and make the best most affordable choice according to your likes, and most importantly on point with your bridesmaids’ budget.
These tips will help you overcome the 5 most common issues that tend to overwhelm brides when choosing the dress they want for their bridesmaids.

1.       First of all, set a budget.
And the dress should not, under any circumstances exceed that price.
Your bridesmaids might already be doing a great effort by pay over $100 for a dress that they will only wear one time.

2.       Make sure you pick the dress.
Unless you will allow the bridesmaids to pick the style, you should not allow them to take control over the decision of which dress you want in your wedding.

3.       Be gentle with the body types and the styles.
Although the bridesmaids might wear anything you like best just for you on your big day, you should also consider having mercy for that friend of yours whose boobs look like they want to pop out of that tiny sweetheart you saw on I bet a sheer shawl won’t look too bad on your photos. And there are plenty of other ideas that will help you accommodate your bridesmaids without sabotaging your dream wedding.

4.         Be careful with the total cost. Do all the research!
One of the issues that have had bridesmaids quit is the fact they didn’t know that the dress was $100, plus $80 for alterations. Make sure you do your research on how much the alteration charges would be, just in case they need to alter the dress.

5.       Make a decision in a timely matter.
Both the bride and the bridesmaids need time. If you’re planning to have them order their dresses, you should allow at least 6 months. This is, in case they will do any alterations, and of course, to be ready for the expenses.

Hope the tips helped!

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Your Bridesmaid Duties

Owning a shop has allowed me to see what some brides expect from their bridesmaids. Some are very easy going, even allowing the bridesmaids to choose the dress and sometimes the color of their dress, and some to the extreme expecting their bridesmaids to pay for everything from the dress to their flowers. Some have even provided the bridesmaid with a contract.

In my personal opinion, some brides just go too far. They think that because their friend agreed to be a bridesmaid, that gives them full authority over their finances and time.

The roll of a bridesmaid is to help the bride along with planning where she needs it. Bridesmaids usually go bridal gown shopping with the bride and help pick out the brides perfect dress. The Bridesmaid will also help plan the bacholerrete party along with the other bridesmaids and maid of honor.

If you are asked to be a bridesmaid, be sure you understand what the bride expects from you and the costs that you will incur. If you are a bride, be sure to give your potential bridesmaid what is expected of them. Bridesmaids usually pay for their Bridesmaid dress and shoes. Their hair, Flowers and makeup are usually covered by the bride. If the bride cannot afford the hair and makeup (it can be expensive), then the bridesmaids are given the choice to pay for them or do their own hair and makeup.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Popular Quinceanera Themes

Quinceaneras parties have been around forever, but what hasn't been around is the different themes that Quinceaneras are now opting for. As the different themes have become more popular the Quinceanera dress colors have changed to match the theme. It’s no longer the all-white dress that resembled a wedding gown. The color choices on Quinceanera dresses are just as creative as the Quinceanera themes they are choosing to have. Below are the most popular themes that our Quinceaneras ask us for and the most popular colors they are choosing for their Quince dress. Popular Themes Masquerade or Mardi Gras Cinderella Hollywood Theme or Red Carpet Winter Wonderland Moroccan Dress colors Turquoise Quince Dress Purple Quinceanera Dress Red Quinceanera Dress Fuschia Quinceanera Dress. If you need more information or help planning your Quinceanera Event, contact us at Check out our website at

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Brides on a Budget

Brides if you are you looking to save money on your wedding watch the tips on this video. You will be amazed at the thing you can rent for your wedding day.

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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Is a Wedding Planner Worth the Cost?

When most brides and groom start planning their wedding the first thing they determine is how much they want to or can spend on the wedding. Once the budget is set the next step is the guest list, because we all know that the more people the more money you will spend.  Brides often opt out of hiring a wedding planner  because they believe that they can save a lot of money by just doing everything themselves, but the truth is that wedding planners can save you a lot more than what you would spend on them. The average wedding planner will make 10% of the wedding budget to take care of all the details of the wedding. If you are planning a $25000 wedding then the cost of the planner would be $2500. Some wedding planners will charge a flat fee if the requirement is just a “day of” coordination.

Now for the question of the day, are wedding planners worth the cost? The answer in most cases is YES! Wedding planners already work with different wedding vendors and receive a “planner” discount on services that the wedding vendors provide, and these savings can be past on to you. In most cases, they also have an establish relationship with said vendors and will trust that they will do a good job on your event. Working with reliable vendors is a luxury you cannot afford to live without when you are planning your wedding. But the main reason I believe wedding planners or event planners are worth the money is because they take a big load off of you. Wedding planners are responsible for making your event a sucess and the stress and time that takes to plan a wedding falls on them and not so much on you. They are there to negotiate with the vendors and make sure everything falls into place so that your event is a complete sucess. So if you are getting married do your research and see if hiring a wedding planner is worth to you.